Lil Rel Proposes To Girlfriend At Beyoncé Concert In LA

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Actor and comedian Lil Rel is about to be a married man again. He proposed to his now wife-to-be, Dannella Lane, at Beyoncé’s concert in L.A. on Sunday. 

“SHE SAID YES!!!! What a story lol,” the comedian wrote in a caption under a video of the special moment. “Thanks @mstinaknowles and Jay for helping make this special moment happen. Tonight @beyonce put on an amazing B Day show thanks for letting have a little time on your show lol to make @dannellalane my fiancée… Love On Top!!! #LoveIsInTheAir #TheProposal.”

The video was a reel that started off with the Get Out actor riding in a car and holding a box containing the engagement ring. He then took the ring out of the box and kissed it while looking expectantly at the road ahead. The video then transitioned to him and his girl singing their hearts out at the concert, where he proposed shortly after the camera was placed on them in the audience. Lane was ecstatic, planting endless hugs and kisses on her husband-to-be. 

Celebs like Yvonne Orji, Michael B. Jordan, Ludacris, Cory Hardrict, and Sherri Shepherd congratulated the loving couple in his comments on Instagram. 

Lane also shared her excitement on the platform with a personalized video. She appeared to be at a birthday dinner where guests sang her happy birthday and her ring was unmissable. 

“OMG OMG OMG!!! Wait let me pinch myself! Yep it’s real OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!,” she wrote in the caption.

“ABSOLUTELY I SAID YES to the man of my dreams, my sweetface, my answered prayer! @comedianlilrel babe you put our love on TOP!!! On the car ride home I said ‘what am I going to do with you’ and you replied ‘we have the rest of our lives to figure it out’ OMG OMG 💕,” she continued.

“Thank you @mstinaknowles @beyonce and @jayz for helping my FIANCÉ pull this off and for sharing your bday with us. A whole Fiancé at Beyoncé!!!!”

Lane and Howery went public with their relationship in spring 2022. The 43-year-old, also known as Milton Howery Jr., has two children from a relationship with his ex-wife Verina Robinson. They were married for six years before she filed for divorce. Howery also has a child with a woman named LeChez Davis. Lane has four children of her own who she had with her ex husband. 

Part of the reason Howery was able to pull off such a special moment is because of his relationship with Mama Tina.

““Ms. Tina is who I’ve gotten close to,” Howery said a few years ago. “She’s like my second mama. It’s something I didn’t know I needed. My mom has been gone for a while now (after battling cancer)…and Ms. Tina kinda out of nowhere became [my second mom].”

He added, ““Ms. Tina comes to everything, she’ll write me a prayer every once in a while…I didn’t know I needed that,” he said. “[At the Roc Nation brunch] I was asking Jay like, ‘Yo man, I think I would love for Roc Nation to put out my special as an album form because I want to try to get a Grammy next year.’ I said, ‘Do we have to have a meeting about it?’ He said, ‘Dude if I don’t do this, Ms. Tina would be mad. I gotta do whatever mama says.’”

Congrats to the couple and cheers to Black love!

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