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Herbal Medicine for Beginners: Your Guide to Healing Common Ailments with 35 Medicinal Herbs


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Learn to make natural remedies and heal yourself and your loved ones with Herbal Medicine For Beginners.

Discover how to craft herbal remedies and treat common ailments with easy-to-find herbs in Herbal Medicine for Beginners. Crafting natural treatments is straightforward with a handful of herbs that can be used to treat many conditions. Get the information and the instructions you need with this easy-to-navigate guide, featuring basic healing plants, techniques to prepare and preserve them, and methods to apply them.

Learn how to heal with medicinal plants with:
Herbal medicine in four steps—what herbs you need, how to source and store herbs, how to work safely with herbal medicine, and how to make herbal remedies.Herb profiles—specific information about 35 essential plants, what each treats, and how to work with them.Remedies for common ailments—59 common ailments and 104 different herbal remedies; easy steps to treat different conditions with plants listed in the herb profiles section.
Get the skills to confidently craft your own plant-based medicine with Herbal Medicine for Beginners.

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Herbal medicine, alchemy, medicinal herbs, herbalismHerbal medicine, alchemy, medicinal herbs, herbalism

Prepare herbal medicine with this inviting introduction for beginners.

Build a strong foundation in natural healing with herbal medicine, with multiple indexes, detailed reference charts, and up-to-date scientific information.

Herbal Medicine for Beginners will teach you:

natural remediesnatural remedies

natural remediesnatural remedies

natural remediesnatural remedies

Herbal Medicine in Four Steps

Start your journey into herbal medicine by learning what your body needs. Secondly, learn where to source your herbs. Then, you’ll learn how to work safely with herbs to avoid complications or negative effects. Finally, you’ll learn to make herbal medicine with a few simple tools and ingredients.

Herb Profiles

Meet 35 herbs for beginners. Many are probably growing in your neighborhood—plants common in most areas of the United States. All these herbs are easy to find in commerce, whether online or at a local herb shop.

Remedies for Common Ailments

An overview of 35 ailments, noting which tissue states are to be addressed and which herbal actions are needed to do so. This section includes 104 formulas and a list of herbal allies—plants that have helpful activity relevant to each ailment. Finally, the authors teach you how to make and take the remedy, as well as notes about variations, optional add-ins, or potential safety concerns.

natural remediesnatural remedies

Sample Recipe: Sunburn Spray

A few spritzes cool the skin and begin to reduce inflammation.

Make a hot infusion: In a mason jar, combine the peppermint, plantain, self-heal, and linden. Pour in the boiling water, cover, and steep for 20 minutes.Move the jar to the refrigerator until it’s cold.Strain out 4 fluid ounces of the infusion and transfer to an 8-ounce bottle with a fine-mist sprayer top. Use the remaining infusion for compresses or a cooling drink. It will keep, refrigerated, for 3 days.Add the rose water to the spray bottle. Cap the bottle and label it.Apply copiously and frequently. Keep the spray refrigerated when not in use.

Ingredients 1 tablespoon dried peppermint leaf 1 tablespoon dried plantain leaf 1 tablespoon dried self-heal leaf and flower 1 tablespoon dried linden leaf and flower 1 quart boiling water 4 fluid ounces rose water

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Althea Press; 1st edition (May 15, 2018)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 248 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1939754933
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1939754936
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.5 pounds
Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.5 x 0.67 x 9 inches

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Herbal Medicine for Beginners: Your Guide to Healing Common Ailments with 35 Medicinal Herbs
Herbal Medicine for Beginners: Your Guide to Healing Common Ailments with 35 Medicinal Herbs


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